Start accepting one-time and recurring payments on your website without setting up a shopping cart

Overlay Form Display

Here’s a very minimal overlay payment form.

HealthHosts Addon Demos

Test Mode
Test Mode

Overlay Phone & Coupon Form

An overlay form that requires your phone number and displays a coupon code field.

HealthHosts Addon Demos

Test Mode
Test Mode

Stripe Checkout Payment Form

Try the payment button to see the Stripe Checkout page in action.

Test Mode

With the Embedded display option, you have full control over all form fields and you can also offer your customers various ways to sign up for recurring plans!

Here’s a minimal Stripe-style embedded payment form.

Minimal Embedded

Test Mode

Here’s a donation form that also requires your billing and shipping addresses.

Make a Donation

Test Mode

One-Time Custom Amount

One-time contribution amount

This demo has a £5.00 minimum and £10.00 default.

Test Mode

One-Time Custom Amount + Recurring Toggle

You can let the customer or donor choose between paying one-time or recurring.

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Stripe Payments Features

Simple Payment Collection

Easily collect payments for services, single products or donations online without coding it yourself or hiring a developer. Skip setting up a complex shopping cart system.

Secure Payment Processing

All payment processing and data storage uses Stripe's ultra-secure servers keeping your WordPress database size small and website loading fast. Secure Customer Authentication (SCA) is also supported.

Optimized for Mobile

Mobile and tablet visitors to your site will get a checkout experience optimized specifically for smaller screens. Apple Pay and Google Pay options offer mobile visitors an even easier way submit payments on your site.

Subscriptions Integration

Allow your customers to sign up for recurring payments. Subscription plans are easily created within your Stripe account. Create installment plans, initial setup fees and trial periods.

Payment Form Builder

Our easy-to-use drag & drop builder allows you to customize payment forms to collect the data you need in addition to providing a high conversion checkout experience for your customers. Choose from overlay, embedded, and Stripe Checkout payment forms.

Custom Fields

Collect as little or as much data as you need on your payment forms. Add a variety of field types to capture more data to each Stripe payment record: numbers, dates, checkboxes, drop-downs and more.

Custom Amounts

Allow your site visitors to pay what they want by entering an amount. Perfect for single and recurring donation or all-purpose payment forms.

Coupon Codes

Give your customers amount or percentage off discounts. You can apply any coupon code created within in your Stripe account to both one-time and recurring payments.