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The Custom Twitter Feeds adds a powerful, customisable, and responsive Twitter feeds to your website.

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Twitter Feed Features


The Custom Twitter Feeds plugin has been created from the ground-up with mobile devices in mind, so that it's touch screen ready and looks great on any screen size and any device.

Display your content your way

Customize your Twitter feeds to look exactly the way you want, so that they blend seamlessly into your site or pop out at your visitors. No more uncustomizable iframes!

Deeply Customizable

The feed can be completely customized to look however you like! We've included tons of built-in customization options that allow you to tweak your Twitter feeds so that they look just right.

Multiple Twitter feeds with no limitations

Display as many feeds as you like - from as many different users, hashtags, or search terms as you like.

Post caching for lightning fast load times

The plugin caches the data it receives from Twitter in order to minimize requests and decrease loading times.

Twitter Cards

Unlike other plugins, when sharing links in your feed the Custom Twitter Feeds plugin will automatically create and display a "Twitter card" for that link to help make your Tweets pop!

Incredibly advanced search based feeds

Use a wide selection of search terms and operators to form advanced search queries to display the exact types of Tweets you require. 

Automatically moderate Tweets

Don't want Tweets containing certain words to show up, or want to hide specific Tweets in your feed? We've got your covered.

HTML5 video support

Play your Twitter videos and gifs right on your site thanks to the built-in HTML5 video support which allows users to watch on both desktop or mobile devices.

International language support

Change or translate any of the text strings in your Twitter feeds to display the text in any language you like.